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We are no longer accepting applications for the 2013-2014 school year. Please check back at the end of February 2014.







The Association on American Indian Affairs offers Displaced Homemaker Scholarships in the amount of $1,500 each to those men and women who would not otherwise be able to complete their educational goals due to family responsibilities. Please make sure to include your family responsibilities/situation in your essay. Some examples of displaced homemakers are listed below. If you have questions about whether you qualify as a displaced homemaker contact Lisa Wyzlic at or 240-314-7155.

Funds in the amount of $750 per semester are disbursed directly to the college pending satisfactory progress. Spring disbursement requires a copy of the fall semester's satisfactory grades and a full time spring semester class schedule. Funds may be applied to the student's account or disbursed to the student per the policy of their school to be used to assist with childcare, transportation and basic living expenses in addition to educational costs.

This scholarship does not automatically renew. Students are eligible to apply on a yearly basis.

Some examples of a "displaced homemaker" are listed below:

Generally the term "displaced homemaker" refers to a woman or man who are a bit older - approximately 30-35+ who:

1) have never attended college due to family responsibilities and are now entering college for the first time - their children may be entering elementary school or may be grown and out of the house

2) attended college when they were younger but put school on hold to care for their children and never received their degree and are now returning to finish school


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