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The information listed below is for the benefit of students seeking funding from places other than AAIA. We advise students to use their own discretion as to the validity of each source. Remember, you should never have to pay for scholarship information from any source, or provide a social security number or bank information to obtain information.

What you will find on this page:

Scholarships Available through Other Organizations
Scholarship Search Engines
Scholarship Publications
Scholarship Links for Displaced/Working Moms
Internships & Fellowships
Announcements and Other Helpful Information (including information for Canadian and Hawaiian students, federal financial aid, & special programs)

Scholarships Available through Other Organizations:

* Denotes AAIA partner in the Native Ways Federation

*American Indian Graduate Center*

*American Indian College Fund*

*American Indian Science and Engineering Society*

National Institutes of Health Undergraduate Scholarship
Open to students pursuing a degree in the biomedical, behavior medicine and social science fields. Previous deadlines were in February.

Indian Health Service Health Scholarship Grants
For continuing students and new Students. Previous deadlines were in February for both.

American Chemical Society Minority Scholarship
- Previous deadlines were in March. or call 1-800-227-5558. E-Mail:

Society for American Archaeology Undergraduate and Graduate Archaeology Scholarships & the SAA Arthur C. Parker Scholarships & NSF Scholarships for Archaeological Training - Previous deadlines were in December. SAA Arthur C. Parker Scholarship & NSF Scholarships for Archeological Training - call 202-789-8200 or e-mail

O Wines Opportunity for Success Scholarship
$20,000 over 4 years
Must be Female
Must be in High School when applying
Online Application Deadline April 1. Transcript Deadline April 8

National Indian Education Association

Financial Aid for Studies - Presbyterian Leadership - Seminary Funding