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AAIA's Jack Trope has co-authored A Comprehensive Analysis and Summary of Title IV-E Tribal-State Agreements

In order to thrive, Native families and youth need to be healthy, have a good education, and be part of a strong and supportive community and culture.

For 90 years, AAIA has been working to promote these goals and provide the critical elements that Native American Indian children and families need to live happy, healthy and productive lives. Our programs focus upon youth/education (scholarships, child welfare, summer camps), health (diabetes education and prevention), cultural preservation (sacred lands protection, Native language preservation) and the empowerment of tribal communities (federal acknowledgment, funding for tribal programs).


Protecting Sovereignty * Preserving Culture * Educating Youth



The Development of Native American Graves and Repatriation Act


Video Narrated by AAIA Executive Director Jack Trope


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